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PSEG Wants To Put More Solar Panels In N.J. Landfills, Brownfields


To some, the word “landfill” conjures thoughts of garbage and waste.

But to others, the word has a different meaning… energy.

On Wednesday, PSE&G announced that it filed a request with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to extend its “Solar 4 All” program, which utilizes rooftops, parking lots, utility poles and landfills/brownfields for large-scale, grid connected solar projects. read more →

Department of Energy expands solar training for veterans


The Department of Energy is expanding its training program for veterans looking to enter the solar power industry.

Officials said Tuesday that five new military bases will join the Solar Ready Vets program, a effort to train veterans and outgoing service members for jobs in the solar sector. read more →

New Program Brings Solar to New Jersey Rooftops


Cream Ridge, NJ – More than 80 varieties of grapes grow on more than 2,000 vineyard acres across New Jersey. The Garden State Wine Growers Association knows how beneficial the sun is for their prized grapes, and they also recognize how the sun can help the citizens of New Jersey too. Recently the group launched NJ Wine Grows Solar, a new initiative to help spread solar power to homes across the state. read more →


This place is a dump, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Adam Levy is the vice president of legal and regulatory affairs for theNew Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. He selected a 1960s landfill in the Meadowlands to become a solar farm. read more →

US Solar Panel Installations On The Rise


For those wanting to assemble additional renewable energy factoids, California and Arizona are leading the country in most solar panel installations, while California, Texas, and Colorado head up the list for which states offer the most in the way of monetary incentives. read more →

These 5 States Are Leading the Way in Solar Power Initiatives


Two years ago, Nevada sat among the top of the lists as one of the best states for solar energy. Some of the reasons are baked into the state: its climate and sunshine make it ideal for both large-scale and residential solar. But what set Nevada apart from its other southwestern neighbors were the state’s policies that made it easy to capitalize on their geographic advantage. These include renewable energy tax credits for residence, a rebate program and generous net metering—a policy where utilities must pay residences for the electricity they generate. read more →



There are more reasons for homeowners to install solar than ever before, and a new study suggests keeping up with the Joneses may be one of them.

SolarCity recently released data regarding a ‘contagion’ effect, where one homeowners installs solar panels and numerous others in the neighborhood follow suit. Roughly one-third of customers were referred by a friend or neighbor, says the largest solar installer in the U.S. SolarCity provided a few graphics that have shown the growth of solar panel installation in s tates like Hawaii, California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. read more →

New solar energy incentives sought by NJ lawmaker


Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-Paramus) wants to jumpstart New Jersey’s fading solar energy effort with new incentives for areas of the state where solar is most needed.

Under his bill, homeowners and businesses in five areas of New Jersey where electric grid congestion is at its worst would be offered a 15 percent incentive to install a solar system, and $1.50 per watt of energy produced by that system. read more →

Impact of solar panels keeps growing – Code Green Solar NJ

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Free Solar Power NJ – Code Green Solar

The U.S. power industry is feeling the pressure, with about 1 million households turning to the sun.

Rooftop solar is casting a $2 billion shadow over power generators across the eastern United States. read more →

Solar Energy Systems Power NJ Hospital

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A Freehold, N.J. hospital goes to work powered by one of the biggest solar power systems ever launched in a non-utility application.

The hospital, which serves more than 14,000 inpatients a year, is operating on the solar panel system. read more →