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Impact of solar panels keeps growing – Code Green Solar NJ

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Free Solar Power NJ – Code Green Solar

The U.S. power industry is feeling the pressure, with about 1 million households turning to the sun.

Rooftop solar is casting a $2 billion shadow over power generators across the eastern United States. read more →

The best place for solar power is – New Jersey

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The Arizona desert may enjoy nearly endless sun, but is it the really best place forsolar panels? Maybe not. A new study suggests that cloudier New Jersey is actually the state that will get the most value from switching to photovoltaics, not because of the amount of sunlight in the Garden State but because adding solar power capacity there would result in the greatest reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous pollutants. read more →

Celebrate Earth Day with these Three Renewable Energy Ideas

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There are many exciting ways that you can celebrate Earth Day. One idea is to come up with a renewable energy idea and to use it so that you can reduce your carbon footprint for the day. Some people even challenge themselves to use no energy that is not solar or sustainable for the entire day. read more →

Benefits of Having Solar in Your Home

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It does not matter where you live or what you do for a living, there are many benefits of having solar on your home that you might want to take advantage of. In fact, you can actually convert any type of home into one that uses solar energy to power it. read more →

Solar Comparison: Today vs. 10 Years Ago

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Today solar panels are far more obtainable than you might think. It is amazing the technology advancements that have occurred in the last ten years. In fact, recently International Business Times rated solar power to be the cheapest source of energy and power in the past ten years. With all of the new technology going solar is much more affordable than most people think. read more →

Stop Global Warming by Going Solar

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Ending global warming is important for all us. While some might not think that it is that big of a deal, others are committing their whole lives to try and eliminate their carbon footprint. One of the best ways that you can help limit your impact on the environment is by going solar. read more →

Savings that Occur by Switching to Solar

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Everyone loves to be able to save money, especially when they can save money on essentials that you have to pay for each month. One of the biggest reasons that people switch to solar energy is that they want to be able to save money. Many people do not realize all of the different ways in which you can save money. read more →

W.Va.’s First State Capitol Building Restored and Solarized

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Standing in downtown Wheeling, “the original gate to the West” (as Wheelonians sometimes call it), it’s hard to throw a stone without hitting something historically significant. That is especially true at 1413 Eoff Street, the First State Capitol Building (constructed in 1858). The state’s first capitol building is being restored to its 20th century glory, and also being brought into the 21st century. read more →

The War on Solar

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Fossil fuel interests are waging a shady war on solar through backroom transactions and bootleg deals. How long will they be able to rig the game?

Eighty-four percent of US voters are in favor of “taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy”, but major fossil fuel interests don’t care as long as their profits are at stake. read more →

Clean energy accounted for nearly half of all new power last year

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As if you needed any further proof that clean energy has fossil fuels on the run, a recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows renewable energy accounted for nearly half of all new power plants built in 2014. The Guardian reports the IEA said this fact represents a “clear sign that an energy transition is underway” on planet Earth. According to the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2015report, the milestone also means green energy is the second-largest electricity generator in the world, and set to dethrone the worst of the world’s fossil fuels by early in the 2030s. read more →