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This N.J. couple found a no-cost way to convert to solar energy


As solar collection panels become increasingly familiar on New Jersey homes, more owners are learning how the sun’s power can offer enough energy to drastically reduce and sometimes even eliminate their electric bills.

Steve and Julie Rakus were among those peripherally aware of the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. But they never seriously considered it for their Gloucester County home because the initial installation outlay. read more →

PSEG Wants To Put More Solar Panels In N.J. Landfills, Brownfields


To some, the word “landfill” conjures thoughts of garbage and waste.

But to others, the word has a different meaning… energy.

On Wednesday, PSE&G announced that it filed a request with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to extend its “Solar 4 All” program, which utilizes rooftops, parking lots, utility poles and landfills/brownfields for large-scale, grid connected solar projects. read more →

New Program Brings Solar to New Jersey Rooftops


Cream Ridge, NJ – More than 80 varieties of grapes grow on more than 2,000 vineyard acres across New Jersey. The Garden State Wine Growers Association knows how beneficial the sun is for their prized grapes, and they also recognize how the sun can help the citizens of New Jersey too. Recently the group launched NJ Wine Grows Solar, a new initiative to help spread solar power to homes across the state. read more →



There are more reasons for homeowners to install solar than ever before, and a new study suggests keeping up with the Joneses may be one of them.

SolarCity recently released data regarding a ‘contagion’ effect, where one homeowners installs solar panels and numerous others in the neighborhood follow suit. Roughly one-third of customers were referred by a friend or neighbor, says the largest solar installer in the U.S. SolarCity provided a few graphics that have shown the growth of solar panel installation in s tates like Hawaii, California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. read more →

Solar Energy Systems Power NJ Hospital

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A Freehold, N.J. hospital goes to work powered by one of the biggest solar power systems ever launched in a non-utility application.

The hospital, which serves more than 14,000 inpatients a year, is operating on the solar panel system. read more →

The best place for solar power is – New Jersey

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The Arizona desert may enjoy nearly endless sun, but is it the really best place forsolar panels? Maybe not. A new study suggests that cloudier New Jersey is actually the state that will get the most value from switching to photovoltaics, not because of the amount of sunlight in the Garden State but because adding solar power capacity there would result in the greatest reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous pollutants. read more →

Celebrate Earth Day with these Three Renewable Energy Ideas

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There are many exciting ways that you can celebrate Earth Day. One idea is to come up with a renewable energy idea and to use it so that you can reduce your carbon footprint for the day. Some people even challenge themselves to use no energy that is not solar or sustainable for the entire day. read more →

Benefits of Having Solar in Your Home

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It does not matter where you live or what you do for a living, there are many benefits of having solar on your home that you might want to take advantage of. In fact, you can actually convert any type of home into one that uses solar energy to power it. read more →

Solar Comparison: Today vs. 10 Years Ago

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Today solar panels are far more obtainable than you might think. It is amazing the technology advancements that have occurred in the last ten years. In fact, recently International Business Times rated solar power to be the cheapest source of energy and power in the past ten years. With all of the new technology going solar is much more affordable than most people think. read more →

Stop Global Warming by Going Solar

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Ending global warming is important for all us. While some might not think that it is that big of a deal, others are committing their whole lives to try and eliminate their carbon footprint. One of the best ways that you can help limit your impact on the environment is by going solar. read more →