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Department of Energy expands solar training for veterans


The Department of Energy is expanding its training program for veterans looking to enter the solar power industry.

Officials said Tuesday that five new military bases will join the Solar Ready Vets program, a effort to train veterans and outgoing service members for jobs in the solar sector. read more →

The best place for solar power is – New Jersey

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The Arizona desert may enjoy nearly endless sun, but is it the really best place forsolar panels? Maybe not. A new study suggests that cloudier New Jersey is actually the state that will get the most value from switching to photovoltaics, not because of the amount of sunlight in the Garden State but because adding solar power capacity there would result in the greatest reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous pollutants. read more →

Celebrate Earth Day with these Three Renewable Energy Ideas

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There are many exciting ways that you can celebrate Earth Day. One idea is to come up with a renewable energy idea and to use it so that you can reduce your carbon footprint for the day. Some people even challenge themselves to use no energy that is not solar or sustainable for the entire day. read more →

Stop Global Warming by Going Solar

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Ending global warming is important for all us. While some might not think that it is that big of a deal, others are committing their whole lives to try and eliminate their carbon footprint. One of the best ways that you can help limit your impact on the environment is by going solar. read more →

The world’s first solar-powered bike path is generating more energy than expected

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Clean energy accounted for nearly half of all new power last year

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As if you needed any further proof that clean energy has fossil fuels on the run, a recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows renewable energy accounted for nearly half of all new power plants built in 2014. The Guardian reports the IEA said this fact represents a “clear sign that an energy transition is underway” on planet Earth. According to the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2015report, the milestone also means green energy is the second-largest electricity generator in the world, and set to dethrone the worst of the world’s fossil fuels by early in the 2030s. read more →

How does Solar Power Work?

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Many people do not realize just how powerful the sun really is. Did you know that the sun actually bathes the earth with enough energy in one hour to power the entire world for one year? The use of solar energy means that you are capturing this powerful energy from the sun and using it to help fuel your life so that you do not have to use other resources for energy. read more →

How is Energy Efficiency Good for the Environment?

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When it comes to being energy efficient there are a number of benefits to the environment. The obvious first benefit is that you are cutting down on pollution and saving the natural resources that will one day run out. You will be doing your part to preserve these resources. read more →


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SOMERDALE, NJ (DEC 22, 2015) — Code Green Solar, a New Jersey solar installer, recently completed a charitable holiday project with, Orpical Group, a full-service marketing company and solar savings partner. The two companies joined efforts to provide relief to families and youth in need in South Jersey. Both Code Green Solar and Orpical Group made contributions through Santa’s Helpers, a first-year not-for-profit committed to fulfilling local holiday “Wish Lists”, and empowering families that are experiencing various hardships during the holidays. read more →

5 Reasons Solar Power is Good for Your Family

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Many people do not realize just how good solar power can be for their families. In fact, some of the following might even surprise you. read more →