Aug 8, 2017

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Where Are the Real Jobs? Comparing Renewable Energy and Coal Industry Employment Growth


President Donald Trump’s victory in the recent 2016 election can be partially attributed to the subject of the economic impact of job creation. In order to expand jobs, Trump focused his campaign on lifting restrictions off of the coal industry. Having been on a steady decline over the last 50 years, could the promise of a thriving coal industry be made? Since 1980, United States’ coal related jobs have declined from 220,000 to 65,000. This is due to Americans developing an understanding of the negative impact that coal has to both the Earth and their health. On average, 7,500 Americans are still dying each year from coal plant related injuries and illnesses. Coal releases smog into the air when it is burned, causing asthma and chest pains when inhaled. In order to stray away from coal base energy, renewable alternatives were introduced such as solar and wind power. These modern forms of energy promote sustainability of the environment and do not have a negative impact on health. Renewable energy is now being offered at affordable rates, making it more accessible to the average homeowner. The clean energy industry has experienced tremendous growth in its job market, making it the ideal power industry to focus on in terms of job expansion.
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