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Code Green Solar Announces New Vice President of Operations


August 4, 2017
For Immediate Release:

Cherry Hill, NJ – Code Green Solar, LLC., a leading renewable energy and solar installation company, has announced a new Vice President of Operations to join the company’s executive team.

The position is being filled by Ray Zola, who has been a member of the Code Green Solar team since 2010. Prior to Code Green Solar, he worked as an electrician for 11 years for Signature Electric and Academy Electric. Zola began as an installer at Code Green Solar and filled a variety of positions over 7 years until reaching VP of Operations. He served as the Director of Operations for the company before his promotion, where he oversaw numerous installations and ensured smooth processes for consumers when transitioning into solar. In his new position, he has the opportunity to utilize his experience in order to improve interconnection techniques and maximize customer care.

“Customer care is a large focus. It’s important for the customer to feel at ease and informed throughout their installation,” said Ray Zola, Vice President of Operations.

“My experience working with Code Green Solar has been great. I am thankful to be a part of such a great team, and look forward to continuing to improve our company’s processes.”

About Code Green Solar, LLC.

Code Green Solar is New Jersey’s leading neighborhood renewable energy and solar provider. Code Green Solar provides solar in New Jersey, South Carolina, California, and Puerto Rico. The company has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity since its inception in 1994. Code Green Solar uses Tier-1 solar panels and microinverters to maximize the solar production output, which in turn yields thousands of dollars through the life of the system and maximizes the homeowner’s solar experience. For more information, visit our Website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Press Contact:
Tom Cleary
(877) 209-9363

First Solar Eclipse Visible to the United States Since 1918


On August 21, 2017, the first total solar eclipse visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States will occur and is being described as “The Great American Eclipse.” A solar eclipse can often be viewed as a momentary period of darkness, but it is actually a brief, glorious sight of the sun’s pure white-corona. The last time that an eclipse of this type occurred was June 8, 1918 and the next time this will be seen is 2045. The total eclipse will be visible in ten states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South

Carolina. Those who are outside of this area will all be able to see a partial eclipse. Towns and cities are preparing for this moment in history with festivals, watch sites, and supplies in these states.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when a new moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun’s rays and casting a shadow across the Earth. The Moon’s shadow cannot consume the entirety of the Sun; allowing the shadow to only surround certain areas at a time. An eclipse is a natural event. However, in certain ancient and modern cultures, a solar eclipse is viewed as supernatural occurrence or as a ‘bad omen’. There are four different types of eclipses. An annular eclipse develops when the Sun and the Earth are directly in line with each other and the size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun.  A partial eclipse is the most commonly occurring eclipse type; this happens when the Sun and the Moon are not directly in line with each other and the Moon only partially blocks out the Sun. A total eclipse is what will be seen this upcoming Monday. This takes place when the shadow of the Moon completely blocks out the Sun, creating visibility to the bright solar corona. A hybrid eclipse is the rarest form of solar eclipse and shifts from a solar to an annual eclipse. Solar eclipses are more common than thought, they occur approximately once every eighteen months. On average, 240 eclipses will occur each century.

The upcoming solar eclipse will be a beautiful natural site to experience and people are traveling to nearby locations to catch the attraction. The Nashville Zoo in Grassmere, Tennessee is holding an Animal Observation Experience, during which guests are asked to record how the animals react to complete total eclipse. In Madras, Oregon, there will two music festivals held, one being the Oregon Solarfest and the other Solarfest 2017. Both consist of musical performances and four to five days of camping. When viewing the eclipse, it is important to be aware and acquire the proper safety supplies. The only way to look directly at the eclipsed or partially eclipsed sun is to use special solar filters such as eclipse glasses or handheld viewers; cardboard and plastic eclipse glasses can be found online. A handheld or pinhole viewer allows you to see the shape of the eclipsed sun without having to look directly at it. This simple device can be made at home with aluminum foil, cardboard, and paper. The solar eclipse of 2017 is turning out to be the largest cultural event since Woodstock of 1969. This natural phenomenon is a moment of beauty and splendor in the United States’ history that you surely don’t want to miss!


Deadly Heatwave Conditions to Hit Earth by 2100


The summer of 2017 has hit record breaking temperatures, rising above 100°F; climate change causing greenhouse gases being the main culprit. At the speed at which temperatures are soaring each year, it is likely that more than half of the Earth will be subject to unlivable conditions by the end of the century. Today, a third of the world is already being exposed to deadly heatwaves, the southwest region of the United States, in particular. Phoenix, Arizona reached a shocking 119°F on June 19th and Sacramento, California was close behind at 107°F. The National Weather Service (NWS) has even issued an excessive heat warning to these areas advising residents to drink more water, stay out of the sun, and recognize the signs of an oncoming heatstroke.

The heat has even affected travel. Airplanes, which are not built to withstand extreme heat, were grounded as upward temperatures decreased the air density. As this pattern continues, it is likely these systems will fail unless updated. Cities are now releasing modernized guidelines for engineers in order to develop infrastructures that can withstand flooding and increasing temperatures predicted to occur as soon as the year 2100. In a recent study published by the NWS, it was analyzed that over the past forty years, upwards of 90,000 heatwave related deaths have occurred in 36 different countries. On record, the hottest years to date are 2016 and 2017. We had experienced similar temperatures in 2003 during the European heatwave that affected over 10 countries; heat exhaustion, forest fires, and loss of crops were only some of the devastating effects. Because Europe had typically experienced mild summers, they were left without the knowledge or resources to battle the heat; upwards of 70,000 deaths were caused by overheating and dehydration.

The escalating heat will begin to echo what we saw in Europe over a decade ago, with temperatures ascending to points that we have not prepared to withstand. Working class areas will begin to be heavily affected due to the lack of air conditioning and less reliable power sources. The accelerated heat is only one of the many looming effects of climate change. Growing water levels are beginning to flood coastal cities and will likely place these cities underwater by the year 2100. The only way to reverse this, is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the air in an effort to lower the Earth’s overall temperature. A simple way to contribute to the reversal of climate change is by switching your home’s power source to solar energy. Coal-based plants release tons of greenhouse gases into the air every day. If solar energy became the primary power source, air pollution would be cut by approximately 90 percent. Choosing renewable energy contributes to the reduction of the Earth’s rising temperature and to halting potentially fatal heatwaves in the near future.

Bringing Prosperity to Business: Success from Making the Switch to Solar


Today, homeowners are not the only consumers who are taking advantage of the outstanding benefits that solar energy has to offer. With the growing capacity of solar, more businesses and corporations have chosen to make the switch. Larger companies have made the commitment to sustainable efforts and are showing great success from their decision; these corporations include, Walmart, Prologis, Apple, Costco’s, Kohl’s, Ikea, Macy’s, and Target. These well-known companies are an inspiration to future businesses to show their dedication to a thriving, sustainable future. According to the Solar Industries Association (SEIA), Target holds the number one spot for businesses that have gone solar.

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Where Are the Real Jobs? Comparing Renewable Energy and Coal Industry Employment Growth


President Donald Trump’s victory in the recent 2016 election can be partially attributed to the subject of the economic impact of job creation. In order to expand jobs, Trump focused his campaign on lifting restrictions off of the coal industry. Having been on a steady decline over the last 50 years, could the promise of a thriving coal industry be made? Since 1980, United States’ coal related jobs have declined from 220,000 to 65,000. This is due to Americans developing an understanding of the negative impact that coal has to both the Earth and their health. On average, 7,500 Americans are still dying each year from coal plant related injuries and illnesses. Coal releases smog into the air when it is burned, causing asthma and chest pains when inhaled. In order to stray away from coal base energy, renewable alternatives were introduced such as solar and wind power. These modern forms of energy promote sustainability of the environment and do not have a negative impact on health. Renewable energy is now being offered at affordable rates, making it more accessible to the average homeowner. The clean energy industry has experienced tremendous growth in its job market, making it the ideal power industry to focus on in terms of job expansion.
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Commercial Installations: Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant


As a business owner, switching to solar energy is an investment, and like any investment, you’ll want to ensure profitability. Code Green Solar has completed countless commercial installations that has left their customers satisfied, with more money in their pockets. In 2012, Code Green Solar installed solar panels on Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant in Sicklerville, New Jersey. The restaurant opened up in 1985 and offers both a la carte and al fresco dining. They also have banquet rooms available for parties and weddings. The land is approximately 12,000 square feet and their solar system is a 298Kw with a custom tilt; this tilting feature allows for the panels to be turned to face the direction of the sun based on seasonal shifts. Villari’s is owned by brothers Nick and Joseph Abate who pride themselves on the growing success of their business. Code Green Solar did a 5 year follow up with Nick to see what benefits he has gained from switching to solar. Not only did Nick express that he was “100% satisfied” with the solar system, but that he was extremely impressed with the savings he has seen on their energy bills.

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