Jul 13, 2017

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President Trump Announces Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement


President Trump announced the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement as part of his campaign promise to place more money in the coal industry. The decision to leave the agreement has been highly cautioned to Trump, as the effects of doing so will create a wide spread gap in the union. Even still, Trump is determined to leave the agreement; he believes it will interfere with the creation of coal plant related jobs in Western States. The Paris Agreement, as of today holds 194 countries under the accord, leaving only 2 out , Syria and Nicaragua. The United States, being the world’s 2nd largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, holds a fair amount of responsibility within the agreement. They are essential to presuming provisions that are necessary for the oversight of monitoring, verifying, and reporting emissions. Without this, it is likely that the recording of greenhouse gas emissions could be taken much more loosely, causing a drastic shift in our progression towards climate change.
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