May 17, 2017

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Code Green Solar – Solar Power for Everyone


Concerns about cost are often heard when renewable energy is discussed; things like, ‘solar panels are great for the environment, but I could never afford them…’ or ‘only wealthy people have solar panels.’ Solar energy is a commonly supported cause, but when it comes to cost, it is seemingly a pipe dream for the majority of Americans. Today, there are options to get solar panels installed for no cost with the addition of saving money on energy bills. With these programs, individuals from any socioeconomic class can gain access to renewable energy. Present day solar companies will buy a solar system and install it on your home; you are only responsible for buying the energy produced by the system. They take advantage of the government and state incentives and pass the savings onto you. With these programs, the customer will never pay for more or less energy than their system produces. This is known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). However, PPAs are not for every customer. Many customers with a tax appitate prefer to own their system and gain more with the additional benefits of financing.

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