May 8, 2017

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Sunnova Closes $615 Million Financing Round


Several solar energy companies have been facing a recent decline, while others have been thriving. Sunnova was able to use its portfolio to secure a round of funding for the company of $615 million. This is split between two ware credit facilities and a record-breaking private placement by its subsidiary, Helios Issuer LLC of about $255 million. This financing round represents Sunnova’s first asset-backed notes securitization. Credit Suisse was the sole book runner and structuring agent of this. What this means? More investors are showing their interest in Sunnova and the progression of their company. Sunnova has raised over $2 Billion in tax equity, debt, and corporate equity funding. Sunnova will have more expense towards the expansion of their company as well their partnering companies; a positive win for solar energy. read more →

Trump’s First 100 Days


As President Trump’s first 100 days of presidency come to a close, over twenty executive orders put in place reflect a drastic threat to renewable energy progression. Trump is looking to release any restriction of coal emissions, free protected land, halt funding on environmental projects; keeping his campaign promise to ‘create jobs’, no matter the cost of our planet’s declining health. A few of these changes include placing the Clean Power Plan under review, allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline to move forward, revoking restrictions on Methane gas emissions on public land, and lifting the review of greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the progress put forth by President Obama is likely to be overturned, certainly placing a storm cloud over the battle to create a cleaner, better planet. Despite this, now is a better time than ever to become informed and educated on green energy and use our voices to fight back. read more →

The Rise and Fall of Solar Energy


With the rise of solar energy and its importance in bettering our planet, it is significant to understand the ups and downs of solar energy companies. Why are some failing to uphold and others flourishing in expansion? A person looking to transition to solar power is looking for a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy company to guide them through the process. Solar energy companies lacking in these values have seen their business decline.

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