September 2016

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These 5 States Are Leading the Way in Solar Power Initiatives


Two years ago, Nevada sat among the top of the lists as one of the best states for solar energy. Some of the reasons are baked into the state: its climate and sunshine make it ideal for both large-scale and residential solar. But what set Nevada apart from its other southwestern neighbors were the state’s policies that made it easy to capitalize on their geographic advantage. These include renewable energy tax credits for residence, a rebate program and generous net metering—a policy where utilities must pay residences for the electricity they generate. read more →



There are more reasons for homeowners to install solar than ever before, and a new study suggests keeping up with the Joneses may be one of them.

SolarCity recently released data regarding a ‘contagion’ effect, where one homeowners installs solar panels and numerous others in the neighborhood follow suit. Roughly one-third of customers were referred by a friend or neighbor, says the largest solar installer in the U.S. SolarCity provided a few graphics that have shown the growth of solar panel installation in s tates like Hawaii, California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. read more →

New solar energy incentives sought by NJ lawmaker


Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-Paramus) wants to jumpstart New Jersey’s fading solar energy effort with new incentives for areas of the state where solar is most needed.

Under his bill, homeowners and businesses in five areas of New Jersey where electric grid congestion is at its worst would be offered a 15 percent incentive to install a solar system, and $1.50 per watt of energy produced by that system. read more →