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List of New Jersey Solar Incentives & Solar Industry Facts

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New Jersey has been one of the surprise solar leaders in the US, and even globally. In terms of installed solar power per capita, only 10 other US states and countries beat it. The three states that are above it have much better solar resources. New Jersey solar incentives are, of course a big part of New Jersey’s solar leadership. read more →

The best place for solar power is – New Jersey

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The Arizona desert may enjoy nearly endless sun, but is it the really best place forsolar panels? Maybe not. A new study suggests that cloudier New Jersey is actually the state that will get the most value from switching to photovoltaics, not because of the amount of sunlight in the Garden State but because adding solar power capacity there would result in the greatest reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous pollutants. read more →

These 5 States Are Leading the Way in Solar Power Initiatives – Code Green Solar NJ


Two years ago, Nevada sat among the top of the lists as one of the best states for solar energy. Some of the reasons are baked into the state: its climate and sunshine make it ideal for both large-scale and residential solar. But what set Nevada apart from its other southwestern neighbors were the state’s policies that made it easy to capitalize on their geographic advantage. These include renewable energy tax credits for residence, a rebate program and generous net metering—a policy where utilities must pay residences for the electricity they generate. read more →