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SOMERDALE, NJ (DEC 22, 2015) — Code Green Solar, a New Jersey solar installer, recently completed a charitable holiday project with, Orpical Group, a full-service marketing company and solar savings partner. The two companies joined efforts to provide relief to families and youth in need in South Jersey. Both Code Green Solar and Orpical Group made contributions through Santa’s Helpers, a first-year not-for-profit committed to fulfilling local holiday “Wish Lists”, and empowering families that are experiencing various hardships during the holidays. read more →

5 Reasons Solar Power is Good for Your Family

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Many people do not realize just how good solar power can be for their families. In fact, some of the following might even surprise you. read more →

Solar Panels Twist to Track the Sun’s Path

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Engineers have put a new twist on solar panels.

Inspired by kirigami, a Japanese art form similar to origami that involves both folding and cutting paper, researchers at the University of Michigan twisted, folded and cut thin film solar panels in a way that makes them more efficient. read more →

New research puts us closer to DIY spray-on solar cell technology

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A new study out of St. Mary’s College of Maryland puts us closer to do-it-yourself spray-on solar cell technology — promising third-generation solar cells utilizing a nanocrystal ink deposition that could make traditional expensive silicon-based solar panels a thing of the past. read more →

8 Amazing Homes that are 100% Powered by the Sun

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Solar-powered homes are no longer reserved for the rich. There’s no clearer proof of the future in affordable and attractive solar housing than on the grounds of Irvine, California, where the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2015 Solar Decathlon is currently heating up. The collegiate competition features 14 student teams who have designed, built, and operated over a dozen amazing houses 100 percent powered by the sun. We’ve rounded up eight of our favorites from the competition—read on to get a peek into each of these homes. read more →

Quantum physics meets genetic engineering

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Nature has had billions of years to perfect photosynthesis, which directly or indirectly supports virtually all life on Earth. In that time, the process has achieved almost 100 percent efficiency in transporting the energy of sunlight from receptors to reaction centers where it can be harnessed — a performance vastly better than even the best solar cells. read more →

Shining more light on solar panels

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Solar panels are the beacon of renewable energy, yet they are not getting as much light as they could be. Joshua Pearce from Michigan Technological University and a team from Queen’s University in Canada have found a way to get more sun to shine on the panels and crank up the output by 30 percent or more. read more →

Five Solar Energy Technologies Changing the World

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With the way we’re depleting the Earth’s natural resources, there have been many who claim that renewable energy is the future. After all, what better source of energy to harness than the sun, which is freely available for about 12 hours every day or more in some countries? Solar energy has become one of the most utilized renewable energy sources over the years and innovators are finding more and better ways to harness solar energy. There are solar panel installation projects on rooftops, vehicles, clothing and mobile phones, among others. read more →